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RGV Slingshot Rentals

Slingshot rentals in the Rio Grande Valley, servicing from South Padre Island to Roma, conveniently located in Harlingen TX


The most fun you can have on three wheels, Slingshot is a unique on-road sensation that reignites your love for driving .

Enjoy the South Texas Sun in the Rio Grande Valley , riding like a rockstar in this convertible , With its open air cockpit placing you 5 inches off the ground, Slingshot delivers a one of a kind, 360-degree visceral experience of the world around you with the rush of the pavement going by under your seat.


About RGV Slingshot Rentals

At RGV Slingshot Rentals, you’re not just renting a Polaris Slingshot; you’re going on an unforgettable adventure that’s guaranteed to have you grinning from ear to ear!

We share your obsession with driving. We understand your love and passion for luxurious sport rides. Our goal is to provide our customers with an exciting, exhilarating, worry-free experience. Knowing that you, the enthusiast, pay attention to every new eye-popping toy on the road, we offer an affordable way to enjoy the fun. Here at RGV Slingshot rentals, we’ve taken care of all of the finer details and have anticipated everything you will need for a breathtaking experience.

Polaris Adventures

Certified Polaris Adventure Outfitter

Polaris Adventures
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